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CUI: C0001367   Acyclovir 
A GUANOSINE analog that acts as an antimetabolite. Viruses are especially susceptible. Used especially against herpes.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0042769 C0042774 C2986384 C0017376 C0029017 C0042760 C0042776 C0178774 C0521026 C0524816 C0537224 C1160657 C1160698 C1512716 C1883540 C2717802 C2717976 C2986482 C0018321 C0018328 C0243071 C0028621 C0034136 C0034137 C0220903 C1157575 C1550600 C0003376 C0003377 C0596922

skos:closeMatch — C0001367

skos:exactMatch — C0001367 C0282040 C0592290 C0920749 C1449457 C1449476

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