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CUI: C0002395   Alzheimer's Disease 
A degenerative disease of the BRAIN characterized by the insidious onset of DEMENTIA. Impairment of MEMORY, judgment, attention span, and problem solving skills are followed by severe APRAXIAS and a global loss of cognitive abilities. The condition primarily occurs after age 60, and is marked pathologically by severe cortical atrophy and the triad of SENILE PLAQUES; NEUROFIBRILLARY TANGLES; and NEUROPIL THREADS. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp1049-57)

rdfs:seeAlso — C0203860 C0006104 C0006111 C0596208 C0596215 C0678908 C0035280 C0025260 C0598851 C0700327 C0729377 C0000768 C0006111 C0015127 C0205269 C0231218 C1314792 C1331418 C1457887 C0012634 C0026538 C0178685 C0221423 C0231172 C0679215 C0683323 C0683324 C0683337 C0699749 C1514815 C2359469 C3540542 C0022423 C0229985 C0242724 C1332126 C2936408 C0033137 C2735026 C1546485 C1555582 C3853528 C0332162 C0871464 C0518456 C0018576 C0020580 C0086807 C0205785 C0221099 C0231170 C0520817 C0684336 C1320361 C3242735 C3842148 C0007682 C0027746 C0154671 C0524851 C0751870 C1522560 C1332133 C0039082 C0567439

skos:closeMatch — C0002395 C0681508

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