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CUI: C0002555   Aminoglutethimide 
An aromatase inhibitor that is used in the treatment of advanced BREAST CANCER.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0557759 C0001829 C3826759 C0031001 C0282532 C0003236 C0003379 C0003392 C0010858 C0010861 C0013216 C0304497 C0392920 C0419073 C0499161 C0677881 C0729502 C1264521 C1548818 C2986475 C3273128 C3665472 C0220806 C1706082 C0061507 C1550600 C1412290 C0003006 C0003009 C0003012 C0003017 C0003018 C1366631 C1706480 C0242889 C0001641 C0593802

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skos:exactMatch — C0002555 C0591920 C0701949

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