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CUI: C0005587   Depression, Bipolar 
severe disorder characterized by one or more manic episodes; although diagnosis does not require a major depressive episode, virtually all cases eventually develop one.

rdfs:seeAlso — C2362914 C0011570 C0086132 C0150041 C0233488 C0344315 C0392375 C0476477 C0010598 C0011581 C0041696 C0086132 C0349217 C0588008 C1269683 C2362914 C0006111 C0012634 C0229992 C0277785 C1457887 C0004936 C0025360 C0033975 C0233401 C0233514 C0376338 C0848067 C1306597

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skos:exactMatch — C0024713 C0005586 C0005587 C0235165 C0302847 C0443156 C1416965 C1970945

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