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CUI: C0007799   Cerebral Ventricles 
Four CSF-filled (see CEREBROSPINAL FLUID) cavities within the cerebral hemispheres (LATERAL VENTRICLES), in the midline (THIRD VENTRICLE) and within the PONS and MEDULLA OBLONGATA (FOURTH VENTRICLE).

rdfs:seeAlso — C0203860 C0006104 C0006111 C0596208 C0596215 C0678908 C0234621 C0042789 C0042830 C0018827 C0080309 C0080310 C0225883 C0225897 C1335957 C1980012 C2599768 C3275104 C0007806 C0007809 C0007810 C0201943 C1318233

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