Ex: C0006933 C0007102 C0007203 C3175196    or

CUI: C0008196   Chlorhexidine 
A disinfectant and topical anti-infective agent used also as mouthwash to prevent oral plaque.

rdfs:seeAlso — C1550600 C0028158 C0028159 C0301294 C0441960

skos:closeMatch —

skos:exactMatch — C0008586 C0008196 C0019519 C0035872 C0055361 C0121776 C0591295 C0603685 C0720113 C0720859 C0722553 C0722554 C0728727 C0728728 C0731450 C0733582 C0809897 C1170074 C1590098 C4046848 C4053557

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