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CUI: C0008312   Primary biliary cirrhosis 
a form of biliary cirrhosis in which small intrahepatic ducts are destroyed while the major intra and extra hepatic ducts remain patent; most patients are middle aged females and have circulating antimitochondrial antibodies.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0023885 C0034161 C0267830 C0439665 C0443266 C0444185 C0854358 C0858906 C3203360 C3840747 C0006870 C0035191 C0039663 C0936079 C0017089 C0024808 C0024809 C0678450 C0700258 C1547291 C1547296 C0149521 C0005401 C0227515 C0005395 C0005400 C0005423 C0005427 C0183512 C0206187 C0400745 C0489793 C0521378 C0851194 C2926602 C0021826 C0021852 C1268120 C0008311 C0267917 C0311273 C1622502 C0023890 C0023891 C0239946 C0745744

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skos:exactMatch — C0008312 C0023892 C0860204

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