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CUI: C0019099   Hemorrhagic Fever, Crimean 
A severe, often fatal disease in humans caused by the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (HEMORRHAGIC FEVER VIRUS, CRIMEAN-CONGO).

rdfs:seeAlso — C0000768 C0006111 C0015127 C0205269 C0231218 C1314792 C1331418 C1457887 C0012634 C0026538 C0178685 C0221423 C0231172 C0679215 C0683323 C0683324 C0683337 C0699749 C1514815 C2359469 C3540542 C0019080 C0333275 C0553700 C1560575 C3163616 C0678657 C0086418 C0016397 C1456617 C0003204 C0004623 C0009450 C0042769 C0043241 C0275518 C0439663 C0442886 C0851162 C0948192 C1512717 C1550587 C1555764 C2707258 C3714514 C3714515 C0042769 C0009738 C0043444 C2979255 C0019104 C0687737 C0043157 C0086409 C0086528 C0242191 C1830369 C1518424 C0018801 C0018802 C0023212 C0235527 C0242698 C0264714 C0685095 C0749225 C0849925 C1277187 C2939447 C3277906 C0007674 C0238914 C0003982 C0205099 C0011065 C0184532 C0870388 C1546956 C1855073 C2985750 C3274946 C0042769 C0042774 C2986384 C0017376 C0029017 C0042760 C0042776 C0178774 C0521026 C0524816 C0537224 C1160657 C1160698 C1512716 C1883540 C2717802 C2717976 C2986482 C0949895 C0949896 C0013480 C0282687 C0949892 C0078988 C0015967 C0034304 C0239574 C0392676 C0847014 C1709785

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skos:exactMatch —–Congo_hemorrhagic_fever C0009743 C0019099

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