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CUI: C0023449   Acute lymphocytic leukemia 
acute leukemia in which lymphoblasts and their progenitor cells predominate; the most common childhood cancer and accounts for 20 percent of adult acute leukemia; common ALL antigen (CALLA) expressed in most cases.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0018956 C0038250 C0368761 C0006826 C0205282 C0334227 C0442867 C0220603 C0278704 C1518931 C0024235 C0024296 C0229889 C0398480 C0502330 C0504063 C0504064 C0596870 C1184173 C1518071 C1166607 C3178867 C0007613 C0007634 C0010819 C0178539 C0243092 C1178969 C2734073 C2936218 C0028215 C0023158 C0024264 C0079720 C0086574 C0200635 C2939172 C0023494 C0023418 C0523113 C0686584 C0877858 C0006826 C0205189 C0205281 C0205422 C0233705 C0280734 C0497549 C0677898 C0920425 C0920688 C1334278 C1516213 C1547218 C1853237 C2707253 C2826292 C0038250

skos:closeMatch — C0023449 C0229613 C1955939 C0023449 C0023434 C0023448 C0023492 C0598798

skos:exactMatch — C0023449 C1961102 C3542401

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