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CUI: C0024419   Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia 
A lymphoproliferative disorder characterized by pleomorphic B-LYMPHOCYTES including PLASMA CELLS, with increased levels of monoclonal serum IMMUNOGLOBULIN M. There is lymphoplasmacytic cells infiltration into bone marrow and often other tissues, also known as lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma. Clinical features include ANEMIA; HEMORRHAGES; and hyperviscosity.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0000768 C0006111 C0015127 C0205269 C0231218 C1314792 C1331418 C1457887 C0012634 C0026538 C0178685 C0221423 C0231172 C0679215 C0683323 C0683324 C0683337 C0699749 C1514815 C2359469 C3540542 C0032131 C0278619 C1959632 C1518437 C0023158 C0024264 C0079720 C0086574 C0200635 C2939172 C0032112 C0229657 C0333825 C1514584 C2698870 C3178739 C0024314 C0264511 C0004561 C0079004 C0312738 C0019829 C0024305 C0079772 C0085090 C0206180 C0024299 C0024306 C0079731 C0079740 C0079741 C0079746 C0079747 C0079774 C0883208 C0920571 C0948627 C1276146 C1302772 C3714542

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