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CUI: C0025417   Mercuric chloride 
Mercury chloride (HgCl2). A highly toxic compound that volatizes slightly at ordinary temperature and appreciably at 100 degrees C. It is corrosive to mucous membranes and used as a topical antiseptic and disinfectant.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0220806 C1706082 C0032346 C0040539 C0600688 C0728899 C1518413 C1550600 C0008203 C0596019 C3274435 C0033706 C0040018 C0060008 C0200396 C0272317 C0723739 C1414504 C2256554 C2256560 C2256561 C3203356 C0025424 C0206133 C0459768

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skos:exactMatch — C0025417

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