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CUI: C0026987   Myelofibrosis 
replacement of the bone marrow by fibrous tissue, occurring in association with a myeloproliferative disorder or secondary to another unrelated condition.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0016059 C0334129 C0596570 C0006870 C0035191 C0039663 C0936079 C0017089 C0024808 C0024809 C0678450 C0700258 C1547291 C1547296 C0679431 C0005953 C0005955 C0005956 C0229602 C0229624 C0229625 C0376152 C0549829 C0739518 C1305211 C1640380 C0033206 C0034656 C0150105 C0449370 C0559956 C0815259 C1709680 C2348149 C0005931 C0005939 C0222661 C0262950 C0682560 C1704398 C0026549 C0026552 C0026553 C0066814 C0572079 C0591748 C0591917 C0592110 C0700785 C0700786 C0700788 C0700789 C0718710 C0720091 C0721498 C0722208 C0723035 C0723146 C0770901 C1170078 C1171499 C1425003 C0028215 C0001815 C0027013 C0237973 C0948968

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