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CUI: C0030095   Oxytocin 
A nonapeptide hormone released from the neurohypophysis (PITUITARY GLAND, POSTERIOR). It differs from VASOPRESSIN by two amino acids at residues 3 and 8. Oxytocin acts on SMOOTH MUSCLE CELLS, such as causing UTERINE CONTRACTIONS and MILK EJECTION.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0678595 C0030935 C0030944 C0030956 C0030966 C1305923 C0003995 C0772166 C1156793 C2326620 C0010546 C0020248 C0596399 C0022192 C1156804 C0262512 C0033595 C0181209 C0240816 C0220806 C1706082 C1550600 C0041485 C0047244 C0070948 C1156589 C1156790 C0010654 C0010661 C0724565 C0982099 C0017797 C1156814 C0023401 C1156805 C3540595 C0019928 C0019932 C0021835 C0458083 C0597376 C0017890 C0242901 C1156854

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