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CUI: C0041472   Endemic Flea-Borne Typhus 
An infectious disease clinically similar to epidemic louse-borne typhus (TYPHUS, EPIDEMIC LOUSE-BORNE), but caused by RICKETTSIA TYPHI, which is transmitted from rat to man by the rat flea, XENOPSYLLA CHEOPIS.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0016228 C0277355 C0417742 C0016397 C1456617 C0003204 C0004623 C0009450 C0042769 C0043241 C0275518 C0439663 C0442886 C0851162 C0948192 C1512717 C1550587 C1555764 C2707258 C3714514 C3714515 C0008972 C0032893 C0037778 C0237412 C3245512 C0008964 C0025118 C0205210 C0205476 C0242324 C1879848 C0035583 C0035585 C0220906 C0006181 C0041473 C0682511 C0034693 C0034721 C0015967 C0034304 C0239574 C0392676 C0847014 C1709785 C0035585 C0041471 C0041473

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