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CUI: C0045010   17-alpha-Hydroxyprogesterone 
A physiological progestin that is produced during glucocorticoid and steroid hormone synthesis and is increased during the third trimester of pregnancy. Hydroxyprogesterone binds to the cytoplasmic progesterone receptors in the reproductive system and subsequently activates progesterone receptor mediated gene expression.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0010137 C0020268 C0017710 C0056391 C0028368 C0033306 C0033307 C0001975 C0678515 C0682927 C0682928 C1136869 C0022203 C0700307 C1550600 C0033308 C0373705 C0591309 C0591564 C0595048 C0701110 C0701111 C0701112 C0701113 C0701114 C0701115 C0701116 C0701117 C0701119 C0701120 C0873071 C0876759 C1170555 C1257993 C1310587 C1515388 C1515389 C1515390 C1515391 C1515392 C1515394 C1515395 C1515396 C1515397 C1515398 C1515399 C1515400 C2757070 C0007987 C1515115 C1883254 C0598750 C0031842 C0205463 C0260141 C0681662 C0036884 C0301818

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