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CUI: C0056301   Copper Sulfate 
A sulfate salt of copper. It is a potent emetic and is used as an antidote for poisoning by phosphorus. It also can be used to prevent the growth of algae.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0038775 C0038784 C0038786 C1161333 C0002520 C0949771 C0001128 C0001129 C0596078 C0060282 C0009968 C0373587 C1177210 C2347872 C0720930 C1572759 C0178499 C0920750 C0949774 C1881695 C1550600 C0038774 C0038776 C0038780 C0301352 C0302960 C3274435 C0033706 C0040018 C0060008 C0200396 C0272317 C0723739 C1414504 C2256554 C2256560 C2256561 C3203356 C1049712 C0013973 C0042963 C0042965 C0221151 C0232602 C0241706 C1963281 C1283194 C0037494 C0206136 C0351302 C0453398

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