Ex: C0006933 C0007102 C0007203 C3175196    or

CUI: C0057626   dezocine 

rdfs:seeAlso — C0439241 C0439242 C0439243 C0439339 C0475211 C0475212 C0475213 C0560008 C0700176 C1635169 C2346871 C2348948 C1550600 C0021485 C0683092 C0086466 C0973726 C1533685 C2699298 C3830287 C0681662 C0002508 C0596072 C0597565 C0682958 C1879694 C0024467 C0206112 C0373675 C2346927 C3661433 C0596922

skos:closeMatch —

skos:exactMatch — C0057626

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