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CUI: C0153398   Hypopharyngeal Cancer 
A primary or metastatic malignant neoplasm that affects the hypopharynx.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0020629 C0027442 C0031345 C0031354 C0225504 C0227139 C0521367 C0006826 C0205282 C0334227 C0442867 C0027627 C0036525 C1269798 C1306459 C1513183 C2939419 C2939420 C3266877 C0018671 C0031347 C0040582 C0153405 C0278996 C0740339 C0746787 C1168401 C0033137 C2735026 C0028215 C0006826 C0205189 C0205281 C0205422 C0233705 C0280734 C0497549 C0677898 C0920425 C0920688 C1334278 C1516213 C1547218 C1853237 C2707253 C2826292 C0024103 C0577559 C2707253 C0027627 C0027651 C0027671 C0037286 C0280100 C0334464 C0375111 C0431085 C0597032 C1709160 C1882062 C2939419

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skos:exactMatch — C0153398

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