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CUI: C0162820   Dermatitis, Allergic Contact 
A contact dermatitis due to allergic sensitization to various substances. These substances subsequently produce inflammatory reactions in the skin of those who have acquired hypersensitivity to them as a result of prior exposure.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0011615 C0034212 C0036508 C0162830 C0162848 C0009834 C0011603 C0013595 C0080159 C0262975 C0457798 C0743089 C1260874 C1535511 C0000768 C0006111 C0015127 C0205269 C0231218 C1314792 C1331418 C1457887 C0012634 C0026538 C0178685 C0221423 C0231172 C0679215 C0683323 C0683324 C0683337 C0699749 C1514815 C2359469 C3540542 C0282555 C0013182 C0020517 C0020523 C0037296 C0334896 C0700624 C0741856 C1112677 C1262684 C1510857 C1527304 C3825727 C1254351 C0011546 C0013170 C0038580 C0694536 C0815280 C0871535 C1510472

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skos:exactMatch — C0162830 C0011616 C0028796 C0157708 C0157710 C0157712 C0162820 C0162823 C0162824 C0263296 C0263304 C0263333 C0406272 C0162820

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