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CUI: C0265259   Popliteal pterygium syndrome 
A rare, autosomal dominant inherited syndrome caused by mutations in the IRF6 gene. It is characterized by the presence of cleft palate, cleft lip, pits in the lower lip, web behind the knee (popliteal pterygium), syndactyly, cryptorchidism, scrotal malformation, and hypoplasia of the labia majora.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0700374 C0013850 C0449913 C0582802 C0009612 C0009622 C0086044 C0681427 C0870325 C1883674 C0017342 C0017361 C0178491 C0178492 C0441748 C0443147 C0678942 C0683222 C0683223 C1527180 C3899988 C3899989 C1332133 C0039082 C0567439 C1261210 C0017420 C0017421 C0017422 C0227747 C0227922 C0227923 C0559522 C0684110 C0700039 C0738643 C0836200 C1848178 C0023759 C0023760 C0149637 C0226937 C0458583 C1839739 C0026724 C0026727 C0225392 C1260880 C1513712 C0265953 C0302142 C1704257 C0000768 C0000769 C0009677 C0220810 C0242354 C0243070 C0332907 C1275147 C1302790 C1457869 C1704258 C1705254 C1744681 C0010626 C0010709 C0016427 C0205207 C1290651 C0008924 C0008925 C0158646 C0205242 C1833369 C0678236 C0920627 C0033999 C0406438 C1844643

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