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CUI: C0343065   Dermatographic urticaria 
A raised, inflamed skin reaction to pressure from rubbing or scratching.(NICHD)

rdfs:seeAlso — C0008004 C0021368 C0021376 C0030593 C0243042 C0333346 C0333348 C0333361 C1155266 C1290884 C0009812 C0037088 C0205370 C0231220 C0750540 C1457887 C0020649 C0005823 C0005824 C0026426 C0042486 C0182377 C0199665 C0277885 C0277890 C0428883 C0678863 C0871470 C1271104 C1272641 C1305849 C1314130 C1449681 C2265926 C2677743 C2712122 C0013182 C0025115 C0919578 C0041755 C0261435 C0274456 C0745213

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skos:exactMatch — C0343065 C0343065 C0221207 C0263333 C0042109 C0149526 C0152162 C0157741 C0157743 C0234935 C0263332 C0263338 C0263352 C0343065 C0857130

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