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CUI: C0398625   Protein C Deficiency 
An absence or deficiency in PROTEIN C which leads to impaired regulation of blood coagulation. It is associated with an increased risk of severe or premature thrombosis. (Stedman's Med. Dict., 26th ed.)

rdfs:seeAlso — C0000768 C0006111 C0015127 C0205269 C0231218 C1314792 C1331418 C1457887 C0012634 C0026538 C0178685 C0221423 C0231172 C0679215 C0683323 C0683324 C0683337 C0699749 C1514815 C2359469 C3540542 C0004627 C0032089 C0032583 C0033684 C0376643 C0597295 C0598294 C0815043 C1514536 C1527118 C0019266 C0265388 C0439660 C0678919 C0728826 C0030011 C0030012 C0301630 C0311404 C0392756 C0483249 C1149591 C1418943 C1949480 C3540812 C0398623 C2584620 C0011156 C0158850 C0162429 C0751753 C1257753 C3714509 C0012177 C0033626 C0453858 C0556043 C3869786 C0014553 C0235956 C1265875 C0013880 C0034553 C0182598

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