Ex: C0006933 C0007102 C0007203 C3175196    or

CUI: C0796081   Growth mental deficiency syndrome of Myhre 

rdfs:seeAlso — C0013625 C0020796 C0025362 C0026106 C0026351 C0036857 C0079822 C0424230 C0497327 C0521111 C0541729 C0557874 C0876918 C0917816 C1306341 C1861865 C1969457 C3161330 C3714756 C0003492 C0332886 C0333181 C0521618 C1261287 C1883524 C3887590 C0489786 C0005890 C0013336 C0231256 C0241240 C0424639 C0424645 C0018270 C0678723 C3826170 C0013336 C0349588 C0003868 C0022408 C0152087 C0409580 C0033324 C0399526 C0037663 C0084063 C0169964 C0202056 C0376560 C0384570 C0699616 C0699619 C0722196 C1170658 C1724675 C1883295 C3714500 C0006111 C0012634 C0229992 C0277785 C1457887 C0004936 C0025360 C0033975 C0233401 C0233514 C0376338 C0848067 C1306597 C1332133 C0039082 C0567439 C0878684 C0040583 C3806280

skos:closeMatch —

skos:exactMatch — C0796081

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