Ex: C0006933 C0007102 C0007203 C3175196    or

CUI: C0796085   Nance-Horan syndrome 

rdfs:seeAlso — C0241764 C0314614 C0678925 C0678928 C0815328 C1537071 C0040457 C0266030 C0036646 C0086543 C0158551 C0235259 C0521707 C1112768 C0017262 C0017366 C1294197 C1708726 C0017337 C1517495 C0040426 C0040452 C0227028 C2004463 C0043292 C1136735 C0007245 C0007246 C0011334 C0011403 C0012162 C0162644 C0226984 C0877046

skos:closeMatch —

skos:exactMatch —–Horan_syndrome C0796085

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