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CUI: C1260386   Glucocorticoid-remediable aldosteronism 
Excessive production of aldosterone and elevation of blood pressure by the adrenal gland, which is regulated by corticotropin.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0001655 C0149378 C0304815 C0342362 C0701792 C0718234 C0056207 C1149601 C1538440 C3273279 C1332133 C0039082 C0567439 C0010137 C0020268 C0017710 C0056391 C0441729 C0020445 C0020473 C0020476 C0020479 C0020480 C0020481 C0023817 C0694546 C0700623 C1535978 C1706412 C1720779 C1829809 C1861560 C0002006 C0050879 C0051133 C0019266 C0265388 C0439660 C0678919 C0728826 C0020428 C0271728 C3713420 C0011854 C0342302 C0441729 C0016700 C0026019 C0079835 C0181845 C0017817 C0034917 C1158188 C0020517 C0036667 C0036668 C0497093 C0681901 C0011777 C0057598 C0113286 C0525283 C0526091 C0701250 C0701251 C0701252 C0701253 C0701254 C0701255 C0701257 C0701258 C0701259 C0701260 C0701261 C0719684 C0719811 C0740057 C1511821 C1511823 C1511837 C1511838 C1511839 C1511841 C1511842 C1511843 C1511848 C1511849 C1511850 C1511854 C1511855 C1511856 C1511857 C1511860 C1511861 C1511865 C1511868 C1588069 C1720761 C2699606 C0392223 C0682029 C0870840 C0947322

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skos:exactMatch — C1260386

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