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CUI: C1318562   Infantile digital fibromatosis 
A rare benign neoplasm arising from the soft tissues of the digits, in young children. It is characterized by the presence of fibroblastic spindle cells, and intracytoplasmic eosinophilic spherical inclusions.

rdfs:seeAlso — C0009780 C0009781 C0225331 C0586827 C1184823 C1516816 C0013850 C0449913 C0582802 C0009612 C0009622 C0086044 C0681427 C0870325 C1883674 C0021270 C0021289 C0021290 C0205806 C0231330 C2939166 C2939425 C0007637 C0021158 C2678064 C0678236 C0920627 C0024103 C0577559 C2707253 C0027627 C0027651 C0027671 C0037286 C0280100 C0334464 C0375111 C0431085 C0597032 C1709160 C1882062 C2939419

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