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CUI: C1514428   Primary peritoneal carcinoma 
A type of cancer that originates in the peritoneam. It is to be distinguished from metastatic cancer of the peritoneum. Peritoneal cancer can occur anywhere in the abdominal space, and affects the surface of organs contained inside the peritoneum. [HPO:probinson]

rdfs:seeAlso — C0031142 C0031153 C0230203 C0230206 C0442120 C1522583 C0030298 C0032582 C0751451 C0242363 C0030297 C0235974 C0281361 C0346647 C0887833 C1142432 C1301034 C1328479 C2931038 C2931039

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skos:exactMatch — C0031149 C0153467 C1514428

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